Isan Village

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Architecture, Heritage Bldg., Traditional_Thai

Isan Village

Location :  Jim Thompson Farm
GPS : 14.643049, 101.867134

รางวัลอาคารอนุรักษ์ศิลปสถาปัตยกรรมดีเด่น ปี 2558 โดยสมาคมสถาปนิกสยาม ในพระบรมราชูปถัมภ์

The Isan and Khorat villages are star attractions featuring antique houses unique in architecture and in pristine condition. These traditional Isan and Korat houses and various structures commonly found in rural areas are fast disappearing. The village project is an effort to conserve, as well as preserve, the fast disappearing architecture, crafts and style of living in northeastern Thailand. In doing so, Jim Thompson seeks to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Thai-Lao peoples who inhabit northeastern Thailand. Various village activities will take place around and in the Isan and Korat houses such as traditional ceremonies and native dances, A better appreciation and understanding of Isan culture by both foreigh and Thai visitors will certainly result.

The Isan village has increased considerably from an initial three small structures first erected in 2008 to one now steadily expanding year by year. The village has achieved a success and reputation that was unimaginable by all those originally involved in the beginning of the project.

In the past few years we have completed many Isan village houses, two rice barns, a guardian spirit house and a most impressive Haw Jaek or village sala. Striving to respect the integrity and authenticity of the original design of these Isan structures is paramount whether only simple or extensive repairs are required or in those cases when building anew such as the Haw Jaek and Sim Nahm. Such wooden structures in Isan are fast disappearing or have been compromised by unsightly modifications bearing no resemblance to their traditional form. Having successfully completed the Isan and Korat village centers, Jim Thompson hopes that this area will become a repository of learning and accumulated knowledge of traditional and fast disappearing Isan architecture reflecting local wisdom of days gone by. To further this objective, we have expanded the village area to encompass a total of fifty rai / twenty acres and have continued to expand our collection of Isan houses reflecting many different traditional styles.

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